Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East In Dubai

release :2023-05-29

Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East In Dubai


Qingdao Florescence attended the SMME (Seatrade Maritime Middle East) in Dubai from 16th to 18th May.

SMME is one of the top ten maritime exhibitions in the world. It is an honor to join it and met all our valued clients and esteemed friends who graced our booth. Face to face communication has enhanced our understanding of each other, and also knew more about our marine fenders & ship launching airbags, our company---Qingdao Florescence.

Below is a grand exhibition to share with you.

After the exhibition, we visited our client's shipyard, knew more about shipyard facilities, ship types, ship building & repair operation, airbags use, etc. And according to ship type, specification, slipway, tidal, etc, we provided optimized solution of the airbags.

Qingdao Florescence not only provide pneumatic fenders, marine dock fenders & ship launching airbags, but also support customized and on-site guidance service.


Your support and engagement are invaluable to us, and we eagerly anticipate future encounters where we can continue to connect, exchange ideas, and create lasting memories.



We are going to Inamarine Indonesia on 23-25th August 2023. Expecting to meet our friends there.