4,800 meters of Roller Barrier

release :2023-03-20

Qingdao Florescence delivered 4,800 meters of Roller Barrier in March for Southeast Asia client.


This year we have expanded new production equipment, further exaggerating the production scale and production efficiency. Currently we can deliver at least 10 kilometers Roller Barrier per month. Through our cooperation with customers, we successfully won a government project in a Southeast Asian country.


Brief description

Rolling Barriers are a safety fixture that prevent drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by:

* Absorbing shock energy

* Converted shock energy into rotational energy


Product Name

Roller barrier


Polyurethane, hot   galvanized steel


Yellow, Orange, As   you required


Highway, tunnel,   bridge


Anti-corrosion, high   tempreture resistance, low friction

Key Features

* Rolling Barrier is best utilized in sites where vehicles are frequently exposed to accidents.

* It will safely lead a vehicle back onto the road or completely stop it by absorbing the shock energy through spinning rollers

during an accident.

* Noticeable to drivers due to noticeable coloration and self-luminescence

* It will minimize casualties on people and vehicles by absorbing collision shock