11 Pcs D4.5L9.0m Pneumatic11 Pcs D4.5L9.0m Pneumatic Fenders To Russia Fenders To Russia

release :2022-11-17

We arranged loading of 11pcs CTN type D4.5 L9.0m pneumatic fenders to Russia customer. The pneumatic fenders were approved inspection by BV. 4.5m is the biggest diameter of pneumatic fenders. Florescence has rich experience, advanced technology and professional team to manufacture D4.5L9.0m pneumatic fenders.


Application of Florescence pneumatic fenders

1. Offshore platform
2. Oil and gas tankers 
3. Fast ferries and aluminium vessels 
4. Temporary and permanent installations 
5. Rapid response and emergencies
6. In ports with extreme tidal variations 
7. Fishing vessel, transport ship and ocean trawler