8 Pcs D2.5mL4.0m Yokohama Fenders To Trinidad and Tobago

release :2020-07-31

8 Pcs D2.5mL4.0m Yokohama Fenders To Trinidad and Tobago


Type: Pneumatic rubber fender

Size: 8pcs D2.5L4.0m

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Year: 2020


There are 8 pcs 2.5mx4.0m yokohama fenders we made for Trinidad and Tobago client.




The Pneumatic Fender is an abrasion-resistant rubber fender filled with high pressure air. It can easily be deflated which allows simple and cost effective relocation and re-commissioning in other locations.


Pneumatic fenders are received in good condition. And customer inflated them with free inflate kit. We believe that pneumatic fenders will play a good role in STS operations.



Our company Florescence, is one of the largest fenders and airbags factories in China which was established in the year 1992.

We are the supplier of the Bangladesh Navy and France Navy, and our products approved CCS, BV, RS and ISO certificate.


Pneumatic Rubber Fenders have been in use for around 50 years.It is the leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world.

This compressed air filled rubber fender is used as a protective medium for ship-to-ship (STS), ship to quay(STQ), and ship-to-berthing(STB).


Pneumatic Rubber Fender Key Attributes:

.High energy absorption with a low reaction force

·Light weight,portable and floatable, can be installed and replaced easily

·Heavy duty and long service life-over 10 years.

·Supplied as sling type (body only) or with chain and tire net for protection of he fender body.

·Sizes from 0.3m diameter x 0.6m length up to 4.5m diameter x 12m length

·Suitable for locations with large and small tidal differences.