Florescence Teamwork Training

release :2019-03-07

Florescence Teamwork Training

Qingdao Florescence took part in the company team working training, through our teamwork hardworking, we got the champion.

All members are divided into 8 groups, each of which selects a team leader. Before the teamwork began, everyone handed in 100 yuan. The champion will receive 3,000 yuan, the second place will receive 2,000 yuan, and the third place will receive 1,000 yuan.


The teamwork is divided into three parts: First part is to learn how to manage the team, the second part is to examine the team members' ability to cooperate, and the third part is to complete team work more efficiently.

Through the active learning and fierce competition of all members, Qingdao Florescence team won the championship. Qingdao Florescence is the team which unity, positive, and passionate.