60 sets supper cone 800H delivery to Russia clients

release :2024-01-07

We have successfully completed the delivery of 60 sets of cone fenders to our esteemed Russian client for their upcoming construction project at the Kaliningrad Port. These Marine Dock Rubber Fenders, known for their exceptional durability and high-performance capabilities, will play a crucial role in ensuring safe berthing and mooring operations at the port.


Our company takes great pride in being selected as the supplier for such an important project. We have meticulously manufactured these marine ship fenders using top-quality materials and adhering to stringent industry standards. Each rubber dock fender has undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure optimal performance under various weather conditions and vessel sizes.




By providing reliable protection against impact forces during docking maneuvers, these marine rubber fenders will contribute significantly to maintaining operational efficiency while safeguarding vessels from potential damage. Their good design allows them to absorb energy efficiently, reducing stress on both ships' hulls and port structures.


Furthermore, our team of experts worked closely with our Russian client throughout the entire process – from initial consultation to final delivery – ensuring seamless communication and meeting all specific requirements. This collaborative approach reflects our commitment towards delivering superior products tailored precisely according to our clients' needs.



As we continue expanding our global presence in marine engineering solutions, this successful collaboration serves as another milestone achievement for us. We look forward to further strengthening partnerships with clients worldwide by consistently. Welcome to send us the inquiry of the Super Cone Rubber Fenders~