30 Pcs D1.8L12m 9layers airbags to Indonesia

release :2023-01-12

Qingdao Florescence sent D1.8m*L12m 9 layers 30 airbags to Indonesia customer for ship docking and launching.


30pcs marine rubber airbags loaded in 40GP container.



Safety precaution

● Over pressure Control:

Strictly control the operating pressure, over pressure is forbidden.

● The Landing Slipway Requirements:

The landing ground should be ground or cement concrete, according the tonnage of different ships.

● Avoid Sharp Objects:

Make sure no sharp objects and make sure the smooth and clean ground during using them in case of break of airbag.

● Avoid Distortion And Overweight

Avoid distortion in the length direction during rolling and avoid overweight load after gas charging.



● When the airbags are not to be used for a long time, they should be drained, cleaned, dried, filled with talc power, and the exterior surfaces should be coated with talc power.

● The airbags should be maintained in a dry ventilated room and be protected from light.

● The airbags should be in a relaxed condition free from tension, compression or other deformation.

● The airbags should be kept away from any heat source.

● The airbags should be protected from acids, alkalis, oils or organic solvents.