Pneumatic Fenders Use For STS Operation In Russia

Pneumatic Fenders Use For STS Operation In Russia

Fender type: Pneumatic fender

Size: Dia3.3m L6.5m

Application: Oil Tanker

Country: Russia


Qingdao Florescence 15pcs Dia3.3m L6.5m pneumatic fenders and 4pcs Dia1.5m L3.0m pneumatic fenders used for oil tanker in Russia since 2017. Customer tested each pneumatic fender per year, our pneumatic fenders with low reaction force and high capability of energy absorption. They worked well and played a great role during STS operation. Pneumatic fenders are suitable in cold weather because the compressed air as buffering medium. Russia customer is satisfied with our pneumatic fenders. At the same time, our engineer recommends 8pcs Dia3.3m L6.5m and Dia1.5m L3.5m pneumatic fenders for another oil tanker.