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Submarine Fender

Submarine Fender

1. Material: Natural Rubber and Nylon Cord 
2. Fittings: Tire Net, Shackle, Swivel, Chain
3.Type: CTN Type and Sling Type
4. Inner Pressure: 50 Or 80 Kpa
5. Size Range: Dia 0.5-4.5m, Len 1.0-12m
6. Certs: CCS, BV, ISO, RS, ABS, Etc


Submarine pneumatic rubber fenders according to International Standard which is partially air pressured and left water filled. This design of submarine pneumatic rubber fenders deep draft, stable and soft for delicate hulls. A ballst weight is suspended from the Hydro Vertical Pneumatic Fenders and it can be used to vary the submarine fender level to suit for different classes of vessels. Bottom end of the hydro vertical pneumatic rubber fender is installed with an ballst weight to stop hydro vertical pneumatic rubber fenders from flipping.



Wide variety of sizes 

Low hull pressure 

Fast deployment and installment 

Sub-surface contact face 




Navy use for submarine


Semi-submersible platforms

Drilling rigs 




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