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Foam Buoy

Foam Buoy



Foam buoy universal pickup floats for mooring, marking and picking. It is resistant to abrasion and UV degradation. For extreme operating conditions, the skin can be enhanced to increase strength.

The pick-up float is made of a perfect polyethylene heat-laminated foam core encapsulated in a polyurethane skin of its own color. Widely used in single point mooring (SPM) systems .



1.High energy and low Reaction.
2.Unsinkable design.
3.Many bright colors and shapes available.
4.Wear Resistant.
5.Easy installation and movement.



Foam buoys are mainly used for mooring, fishing gear and cable marking, piping and other different surface mounting.


Favorable Structure:


1. Closed-cell elastic foam core, not sinking design.

The universal surface support buoy is made of the highest quality closed cell PE / EVA foam. This elastic foam gives the buoy itself a high absorption capacity.


2. Tough nylon filament reinforced polyurethane leather.

The general surface support buoy surface consists of a polyurethane elastomer and nylon filaments, a unique elastomer designed for marine applications.


3. Steel structure and end parts.

Through the central steel tube, each end has a longitudinal gusset and an external load distribution flange, epoxy coating or hot dip galvanized, encapsulated in the closed cell polyurethane foam center. Optional eye pad, U-shaped eyelet, swivel joint, chain lock plate, single lock pin end connector. 



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