China Marine Economy Expo 2019

release :2019-10-24

China Marine Economy Expo 2019

On 14-17 October, 2019 , Qingdao Florescence participated China Marine Economy Expo in Shenzhen. Themed of "Sharing Blue Economy Opportunities, Building a Shared Future". The China Marine Economy Expo(CMEE) aims to provide an international exchange platform of marine industries, technologies, trade and investment around the world. The CMEE has been successfully conducted for 6 years, with participation of nearly 3,000 of enterprises and 550,000 visitors from 72 countries in 2019. The CMEE has gained rising recognition among the international business communities, and been well accepted as a major rostrum to release marine economy information.


We invited regular friends to our booth and discussed our product improvement and business field.

We met new friends and learned more new knowledge, such as marine engineering, port construction and offshore transportation,etc.


Sweden customer inquired pneumatic fender and D rubber fender. We recommended fender size and quantity, also installation method for his ship and dock.

Qingdao Florescence team is not only provide fender size and price, but also for installation, use, storage, etc. A full of marine solution will be provided for you.